Live Event: Tuesday January 7th, 2014 8:00 PM EST

On this free training webinar, local marketing expert Joe Troyer will show you:

-  The Blueprint That Generated Him $50,000 In 60 Days

…and then reveal a proven, step-by-step system showing you how to do the same thing!

– even if you’ve never taken on a client or done lead generation before.

Don’t register for this webinar if:

  • You’d rather be breaking your back working an extra 9-5 job… than spending quality time with your family, friends, kids or grandchildren.
  • If you have PLENTY of money set aside to retire comfortably
  • Or if you think that having a second job would be the GREATEST SUCCESS story of your last 10 years…

Only opt in for this breakthrough information if you are SURE you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want to work an extra job or worry about paying your bills on time.

You’ll learn exactly:

  • The strategy Joe used to generate more than $50,000 in 60 Days
  • A Case Study On How Joe Lost His Shirt And Got It Back In 30 Days
  • The sneaky “Client Generator” Method – How and where to find customers that will beg to put cash in your pocket now!
  • How To Effectively TRACK Results, This Really Is The Key To The Puzzle
  • How You Can Snag A Piece Of The Multi Billion Dollar Local Lead Generation Industry
  • And Much, Much More!

The bottom line is you don’t want to miss this webinar…

This FREE Webinar Will Be Held On Tuesday January 7th, 2014 8:00 PM EST.

It is 100% LIVE and Will NOT BE RECORDED.

Attendance Is Very Limited.

“Joe runs a very successful internet marketing firm and has trained 1000’s of local marketers how to dominate their local market and will show you how to build a 6 figure lead generation company…use the form on this page to sign up for the free webinar RIGHT NOW!”


Joe Troyer
Local Marketing Expert

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